TAV Electrical (PTY) Ltd is a supplier of electrical goods and services to a wide range and concern of resellers, contractors, end-users and system integrators. Founded and registered in 2016, we strive to offer the best in electrical supplies to a fast growing number of clients. A combined history of 20 years in electrical buying, selling and projects between the founding members and partners puts us right on top of the supplier list with numerous clients.


We are committed to providing a constantly growing  selection of electrical products, competitively priced, with services exceeding our customers expectations. We will continue to invest in facilities, systems and highly effective personnel providing added-value to our business relationships.


 ת:TAV: the 22nd Hebrew letter, is the final letter of the Hebrew alphabet.  ת TAV represents a mark, stamp, or seal.  For example, in ancient times, would someone wrote a letter they would seal it with wax; an official document would receive an impression, a stamp, a seal in that wax; this is what the letter TAV represents.  TAV is the final stamp, the definition, the summation of what is contained in the letter.  It represents the completion of the human being, the completion of the work.

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